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CEO Greetings

Welcome to our company website!
I'm Kim, Hee Won, CEO of AeroSpace
Technology of Korea, Inc.

AeroSpace Technology of Korea, Inc. is the leading company in Korea
specialized in aircraft manufacturing and has global networks with the
major aerospace companies.

Established in 2001 as a specialized aircraft parts company, ASTK has grown into a global hidden champion representing the Korea in the aerospace industry with its unwavering challenge and endless efforts. Based on development and production of stringer, which is core part of large-sized aircraft in the early days of establishment, ASTK expanded its business area by producing aircraft precision parts, fuselages, and other airframe structures. In particular, in 2011, ASTK won the order for rear fuselage (sec48) of Boeing's main model, b737, as the first domestic company to complete the localization through independent development. Since then, we have established a perfect production system to supply high quality products at the right time to establish strong trust from our customers.

ASTK have been recognized in the global market for our technology and production capacity by establishing a complete quality system and high-efficiency production system that can independently develop and supply aircraft's high-level, highly reliable components. We are constantly expanding our network with major aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Bombardier, and Embraer. In addition, ASTK is preparing a new challenge to take a step further by integrating vertical integrated system from parts production to assembly through a subsidiary companies(Orbitech & ASTG).

ASTK will continue to make efforts to grow into a global aviation company that enhances shareholder and customer value through change, innovation, and reliable management.
Thank you very much.